HEC Junior Conseil est la Junior entreprise d’HEC Paris, classée première Business School d’Europe par le Financial Times.

Forte de son réseau international et de ses 43 ans d’expérience, notre Junior Entreprise, entièrement gérée par des étudiants HEC, propose son expertise dans les domaines du marketing, de la stratégie, de la finance, de la communication et de la création d’entreprise.

HEC Paris : un réseau unique et des ressources de qualité

  • 4.000 personnes sur le campus facilement mobilisables pour votre étude
  • 95 nationalités représentées sur le campus
  • 45.000 anciens diplômés, présents dans plus de 110 pays
  • 1 corps professoral de renommée internationale
  • 150 base de données à disposition pour votre étude

HEC Junior Conseil : savoir-faire et disponibilité

  • Un savoir-faire transmis d’une équipe à l’autre : les chefs de projet en mandat assurent la formation des arrivants pendant six mois

  • Une expérience riche de plus de 3500 études

  • Une formation par de grands cabinnets d’audit et de conseil : KPMG et Oliver Wyman

  • Une secrétaire à temps plein et des chefs de projet disponibles à tout moment

Your study

The process we implement

Taking contact

This is a key moment for our project managers. We aim at understanding your situation and your requirements in order to define the purpose of the study and provide you with the most suitable solution.


We present you the way we assess your situation and the means we intend to implement to give you satisfaction. The proposal includes a provisional timetable and a budget as well.

Preliminary phase

We do like renowned consulting firms: we strike an agreement and then we start the preliminary step of the study in accordance with the established methodology

Field study

We call on most skilled and serious HEC Paris students to support the project. Everyday, we monitor the students’ work and set progress reports with you and them alike.

Our governing principle: The quality of work

To ensure you a high-value-added study, our work is monitored by a person in charge of compliance with our method and quality standards. This commitment is the bottom line of our customer relashionship. Thus, we are constantly innovating to adapt our methods and structure to your needs.

Adèle Garnier, vice-president in charge of quality:

« The people in charge of quality monitor the style and content of the study through a check-list of precise criteria. They give valuable advice and modify some elements, where required, to guarrantee you a study up to our engagements. »

Our expertise


Audit has been part of our expertise since our creation. We offer you our expertise and experience to solve your internal problems and meet your expectations.

We can help you with organizational audit, accounting audit, social barometers and logistics audit.

For your project, we recruit students of the HEC Financial information, Audit and Consulting Specialized Master and you benefit from the expertise we have acquired during our training by KPMG.


Communication is an integral part of our expertise. We thus offer many solutions at your service.

We can help you with image and reputation studies, barometers, marketing plans, internal communication plans, translations.

You will benefit from the expertise of students of the HEC Media, Art and Design Specialized Master to develop the communication tools tailored to your problems.

With international students from very different backgrounds and often with bilingual or trilingual students, we offer fast and high quality translations.


For 21 years, we have had a division exclusively dedicated to entrepreneurship. Thus, we support you in your project from its conceptualization to its development.

We can help you with market research, commercial and financial business plan, and communication strategy.

We support you to move forward in a coherent and measured way to create your own business, avoid surprises, optimize your initial investment and seize every opportunity for your project.


We have been specialized in marketing for over forty years. This experience allows us to offer studies of high quality and high added value.

We can help you in market Research, product launch, satisfaction surveys, barometers, notoriety studies and optimization of distribution processes.

Our strengths in this field is undeniable. We recruit students of HEC Marketing and Marketing Intelligence Specialized Master which have proven experience in this field. Moreover we have our own calling center, and therefore do not have to outsource the field phase of the market research.


Strategy is central to decision making in a company. As such, it is at the heart of our expertise. We can bring our expertise in many fields of action.

We can help you with implementation, positioning strategy, investment strategy, growth strategy, international expansion strategy.

To conduct this type of study, we recruit students of HEC specialized Strategy Master, with whom we have forged a special partnership. We also have access to extensive databases regularly updated of great help in developing your strategy.

Our clients

They were satisfied by our services

Our strengths



Business school in Europe. 2013 Financial Times Ranking



Of international students on campus



thousand euros turnover in 2015



studies realized in 2015



project managers to satisfy your needs

Our partners

KPMG. Seasoned consultants from the auditing and consultancy firm KPMG assist us in understanding your needs and give us valuable advice on how to build our commercial proposal, carry out business plans, manage studies and handle customer relationship. Our expertise is based on all the experience KPMG’s consultants share with us. We have been KPMG’s partners for 12 years and we are thus proud of our cooperation with this leader in the consulting sector.

Oliver Wyman. The renowned consulting firm Oliver Wyman contributes to our success by supporting our development and enabling the improvement of our services through various training: use of databases, market research and shaping of our synthesis. Every day, we are inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit that transmitted by Oliver Wyman and we let you benefit from all the values linked to it.

Société Générale. The bank Societe Generale supports us financially in any new project that we want to invest in to ensure consistent quality of our work through the following terms in office.It further provides benefits to all of our members.

HEC Paris

A unique network and valuable assets

  • 4,000 people on campus easily mobilized for your study
  • 95 nationalities represented on campus
  • 45,000 alumni in more than 110 countries
  • 1 faculty of international renown
  • 150 databases with unlimited access

HEC Junior Conseil

Know-how and availability

  • Knowledge passed from one team to another: our project managers provide training for the newcomers for six months.
  • 2,500 studies in our background
  • Training by leading audit and consulting firms KPMG and Oliver Wyman
  • A full-time secretary
  • Available project managers at any time

About us


HEC Junior Conseil was founded in 1971. We rely on a data base of more than 3 500 studies to offer you a service on a par with our experience. With a network of 350 alumni, we capitalize on the experience of everyone in the structure to always evolve and improve our services.

Each year we develop our offer, making it more modern and more international by developing partnerships with Junior Entreprises outside France. We joined the JADE network in 1989 and the JEWC project in 2014.

We are now committed at the side of Antilles Développement, an emerging structure carrying the flag of French Junior Enterprises on the American continent.

The Junior Entreprise label

HEC Junior Conseil belongs to the National Confederation of Junior Entreprises. This organization was created in 1969 so as to make it easier for professionals to get to know Junior Entreprises and work with them. It fosters their development thanks to the qualitative and deontological standards it sets. All the project managers of the French Junior Entreprises have to abide by those rules. The confederation guarantees the quality of the label by assessing every year whether a structure deserves it or not.

As the second Junior Entreprise in France in term of turnover, we are proud to contribute to the development of the movement of Junior Enterprises and we are pleased to have the support, the label and training provided by the CNJE.

In 2004, the CNJE awarded the Award of Excellence in partnership with BNP Paribas, Alten and Les Echos to HEC Junior Conseil, who was also a finalist in 2005 and 2006. This award reward the best Junior Enterprise in France according to three main criteria:

  • The quality of the studies audited each year by the CNJE.
  • A Customer satisfaction survey created by the newspaper Les Echos.
  • The structural and methodological performance of the structure, assessed by KPMG audit.

Our team

18 Our project managers have joined HEC Junior Conseil after passing an individual selection process and a collective test. They received intensive training for five months alongside their studies at HEC Paris.

KPMG provides a training in customer relations and the development of business plans and Oliver Wyman in the use of database and strategic consulting. They give us the expertise that we now put at your service.

In addition to the youth and dynamism of our project managers, our structure offers the experience of our full-time secretary, who has worked for 25 years at HEC Junior Conseil.



President’s word

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News & events

Apprendre à oser pour sortir de la crise (EN)

Dans un contexte de crise économique et financière, où l’exacerbation de la concurrence mondiale se double des réflexes de repli sur soi des Etats et de protectionnisme, avec, en toile de fonds, un contexte légal national peu favorable, l’entrepreneur se trouve confronté à la nécessité d’innover et de réinventer ses modèles pour rester dans la course, de mobiliser toutes ses ressources, ses qualités et son leadership, pour sortir gagnant des jeux de rachats, fusions-acquisitions, délocalisations.

About HEC Junior Entreprise

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1, rue de la libération – 78350 Jouy en Josas – France

Email : contact@hec-junior-conseil.fr

Phone number : +33 1 39 56 19 58

Fax : +33 1 39 56 23 78

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